Do It Yourself Weekend! I have too many unfinished projects. Many finished ones, but too many that I start, then for some reason I’ll stop just before I get to the end. I don’t know why. I do the same thing when I watch a movie on my own at home. I’ll watch almost the entire thing, then subconsciously I will get up about 20 minutes before the end and start distracting myself with something else. So, this weekend I’d like to finish at least one project…I’d like to complete the “studding” on the black pair of shoes..matching shoes are very in right now. Here’s a quick run down of the other items you see:
– Knitting needles…shut up.
– Denim off cuts.
– The sleeves from a vintage leather biker jacket which I turned into a vest.
– “Army” iron on badge
– Custom Tshirt pattern (the white paper). I drew/designed this pattern and made the white tshirt you see at a sewing course last year.
– Black fur trimming.
– Vintage (2005) vest from Indigo in Melbourne – I’ve started sewing the fur trim around the trims of the vest…I wanted to cover that grey/white pattern. I felt like a waitress wearing it…maybe the fur will jazz it up?
– Coloured yarn to make friendship bracelets with.
– 1 x half finished friendship bracelet.
– Bits and Pieces – studs, needles, bobbins, glue, leather, lace, calico bag with fabric off cuts inside.
Ok, I think that’s it! I’ll keep you posted on my progress.
PS: There are so many awesome D.I.Y projects on Pinterest, you should have a search around if it’s something you enjoy.







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