Sooo Last Year…Since Last Year

Today I decided to take my own advice and Google myself and SoooLastYear. I shared a post on my Miss Web Melbourne FaceBook page about how your online profile can greatly affect the perceptions of your potential new employers…and you can safely bet that all potential employers will Google you these days before they give you a job.
Well, I’m not looking for a job, I have my own little SocialMedia business which I’m totally proud of…but it has been ages since I Googled anything about me or SoooLastYear. I used to do it all the time…when I worked for someone else…lol…I loved seeing all my job titles at all these different companies line up on Google. “Yeah..that’s right people..that’s me….I’m famous”…I’d chuckle at my desk at 5:20pm just waiting waiting waiting waiting for 5:29pm.
Today though, I found heaps of crazy stuff…photos, words, sites, apps, everything! Stuff I thought was private wasn’t, apps that I had revoked access to ages ago were still active…It was a huge WTF moment. But there were also good moments. For example, the OAO (online audience optimization) on my sites is working awesomely…Do a search on SoooLastYear on Google, all one word….and no, you don’t want So Last Year. Lastly, finding my first blog ever on Blogger was also very cool! (I had kind of forgotten about). I’ll never delete it, I’m glad it’s there. I started blogging in September Last Year, then I stopped for a Long while. I started again in August this year, right here on WordPress. Here’s the link to the ORIGINAL SLY >>

PS: my first blog was very much inspired by TheyAllHateUs…check out their blog!


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