Why So Sad Blobfish ):

This is a Blobfish…definitely the saddest looking fish in the ocean ): But no wander…He is facing extinction. Scientists fear the Blobfish is in danger of being wiped out by over-fishing in its South Eastern Australian habitat. The fish, which lives at depths of up to 800m, is rarely seen by humans but it lives at the same depths as other ocean organisms, such as … Continue reading Why So Sad Blobfish ):


This picture and the story behind Hachikō and his Master make me Feel….I’ve been trying to think of the right word…make me feel sad, make me feel emotional, or overwhelmed. They make me feel all of these things, and none of them on their own. So I decided on just plain ‘Feel‘. ~ Image and words below from ‘Things You Didn’t Know’ Facebook Page. Continue reading Hachikō

“Stuffed Animals Are Cooped Up!”

Shut up! This is Cute!…I took this straight from > Japan-Community.com “Stuffed animals are cooped up! They want to ditch your bed and bookshelves. They want to see the world. They want to travel. And in Japan, they can. Enter Unagi Travel. It dubs itself as a “travel agency for stuffed animals.” For the past three years, 38 year-old Sonoe Azuma has been taking stuffed … Continue reading “Stuffed Animals Are Cooped Up!”