‘True Romance’ by Urban Outfitters

I love the feel of this campaign. Inspired by one of my favourite films ‘True Romance’, written by Quentin Tarantino with the gorgeous and quirky Patricia Arquette. If you’re heading to any music festivals this summer, this collection has some very cool options….makes me wish Winter wasn’t coming to Australia :( I may have to settle for watching the movie over and over again. Check … Continue reading ‘True Romance’ by Urban Outfitters

7 Things: 80’s & 90’s Movies

Here are 7 Very Cool Movies you could watch (re-watch?) these holidays. They all have members of the Hollywood ‘Brat Pack’ of the time in them. My all time fave heart-throb was Andrew McCarthy. He was so understatedly cool. These are in no particular order, I can recite the words to each one of them! 1. Sixteen Candles – with Molly Ringwald, John Cussack, Anthony … Continue reading 7 Things: 80’s & 90’s Movies

Rainy Sunday Movie Day: Grease (again?)

I don’t usually like Musicals, but Grease is different. And is it just me, or is almost Everything in this Film back in Fashion in some kind of way? That’s why it might be worth watching AGAIN! Some Inspiration maybe? More reasons why I think this Movie is just awesome: 1. You can have fun watching it with your Grandma or your Kids..it’s for Everyone! … Continue reading Rainy Sunday Movie Day: Grease (again?)