Favourite Firsts

These are some of my “favourite first” images from when I first started this blog in August. I now have exactly 10,532 pictures in my “Blog” folder. I know I don’t say much, but I try to use these pictures to tell you a story in most of my posts. Thank you for reading, looking, following, liking and supporting me..it’s really nice to be seen … Continue reading Favourite Firsts

Schmoozing is Confusing

I can talk in front of a room of 50 and more people. I can have passionate deep conversations one on one or in familiar group settings. I’m usually pretty good talking to the opposite sex. But schmoozing…I find difficult and confusing. How long can you talk crap to someone you don’t really want to be talking to? It’s hard…it makes me a bit anxious … Continue reading Schmoozing is Confusing

Sooo Last Year…Since Last Year

Today I decided to take my own advice and Google myself and SoooLastYear. I shared a post on my Miss Web Melbourne FaceBook page about how your online profile can greatly affect the perceptions of your potential new employers…and you can safely bet that all potential employers will Google you these days before they give you a job. Well, I’m not looking for a job, … Continue reading Sooo Last Year…Since Last Year

The Sartorialist

Founder/blogger/photographer Scott Schuman began The Sartorialist with the idea of creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life. In addition to the blog, Schuman’s work has been featured in GQ, Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, and Interview; for GQ, Schuman shot and edited his own page for over three years. In 2009 Penguin published an anthology of his images … Continue reading The Sartorialist

Get Inspired Magazine

.Get Inspired! Magazine is an online showcase, e-magazine and social network for artists, designers and photographers. Creatives from across the globe use the website to showcase, discover, entertain, inspire, and empower creativity. It really is an awesome website to visit for design inspiration of any kind. Today I fell in love with the Photography portfolio of GUSTAV WILLEIT Continue reading Get Inspired Magazine