Schmoozing is Confusing

I can talk in front of a room of 50 and more people. I can have passionate deep conversations one on one or in familiar group settings. I’m usually pretty good talking to the opposite sex. But schmoozing…I find difficult and confusing. How long can you talk crap to someone you don’t really want to be talking to? It’s hard…it makes me a bit anxious … Continue reading Schmoozing is Confusing

Fresh Fruit: The Sequel to “Rotten Fruit: A Poem”

This is probably as far as I will go in terms of posting lots of pictures of Food. I’m just not a fan of seeing whole meals on a plate in photo form..sometimes I feel like they can look like spew. I also feel like meals are to be eaten when they arrive at your table and not left to get cold just so you … Continue reading Fresh Fruit: The Sequel to “Rotten Fruit: A Poem”