“I Love What You’re Wearing!”

I think I’ve mentioned this in another post – I am a sucker for awesome package design. I HAD to buy this. I don’t even use Fabric Softener. I was in a pharmacy they had a shelf dedicated to 6 different products. Each with its own special slogan written on it boldly like this one. it. Everything was on sale though. I guess there aren’t … Continue reading “I Love What You’re Wearing!”

“Help. I Can’t Sleep”

Designed by ChappsMalina, Little Fury & Help Remedies, United States. One of the coolest examples of product concept and design that I’ve seen! From the naming down to the clever copy, the primary colours and clean design, it looks just awesome! These make me want to have a headache! I’m such a sucker for cool packaging. I’d buy these without a doubt if I saw … Continue reading “Help. I Can’t Sleep”